Importance of End of Lease Cleaning / End of Tenancy Cleaning

November 4, 2019 -

Either you are tenant or landlord; both understand the importance of end of lease cleaning. When you are a tenant it’s your primary responsibility to leave your leased property clean behind. This will help you to get your bond back. As for landlords, an easy move out of the previous tenants will simplify the process to get new tenants.

Get Clean ACT offers professional end of lease cleaning service where we have the expertise to deal with several real estate agents. Therefore, we understand how to meet up their expectations regarding cleaning the property. Our main concern is to ensure that you will get your bond returned fully. The only thing we ask from you is to hand over all what has to be done and get relaxed as we will look after the rest.

Security to get your bond fully back
One of the most important reason to hire our cleaners for end of lease cleaning services is that we can reassure you will get your bond amount fully returned. Where many cleaning services offer 24 hours guarantee on their services, we offer to re-clean the property if due to our lack you won’t be able to gain your bond back.

Provide good standard of cleaning
We offer qualified and skilled staff who are associated with us since many years and have experience in vacant cleaning. They are dedicated towards their job and have the potential to meet up your expectation regarding cleanliness. Also, we use non-toxic products for cleaning to disinfect and clean the surfaces.

We save your time
Our trained cleaning experts at Get Clean ACT follow RTA approved check lists to maintain the quality of their services within less time. They try to set a schedule to fulfil their task within an estimated period of time. They do a lot of pre-planning and preparation to achieve their goal which is to provide good services within a minimum of time.

We use high-end equipment
To provide satisfying cleaning service we offer high-end equipment which contain all the necessary tools for cleaning. This helps to simplify the process of cleaning.
We care about your health and for that we use eco-friendly solutions and cleansers that are mild but still effective to take away stains rapidly. These eco-friendly items protect kids and pets from chemical exposure and saves from skin allergies as well.

We take your stress away
Moving out and shifting to a new place is a stressful and exhausting process. In that case if you have to do conduct cleaning of the whole house it can be somewhat difficult. If you choose for end of tenancy cleaning services with us you can concentrate more on the moving process and leave all the cleaning upon us. This will give a sense of tranquility.

We save your money
We do not only secure your bond money but also save your money when u hire end of lease cleaning services. We help you prevent spending unnecessary money on expensive cleaning machines and products when its also possible to provide excellent services with less investment. We offer additional discounts on several services.

May be legally obliged to

In some states, you my be legally obliged to perform and end of lease clean. You can find out if this is required here. Houses and units are required to be left in a clean and neat state prior to leaving the property. Its a vital step to getting your bond back, as if the premises isn’t in a suitably clean state then the landlord may withhold your bond.

Get Clean ACT offers many kinds of cleaning services; we also provide personalized programs according to your requirement. We deliver the cheapest and best cleaning services in the Canberra.
We are experts in what we do and our company is specialized in end of lease cleaning. Our team provides their service in any part of the city, even at the same day if required. If you are looking for end of tenancy cleaning services with assurance to get professional service with satisfaction don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

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