Five Tips for Carpet Steam Cleaning

January 9, 2022 - , ,

When your carpets get dirty, you can use carpet steam cleaning to restore them. This is an important part of maintenance that will help your carpets extend their useful life. Carpet steam cleaning ACT can help keep your home free of allergens and save your rugs when you have a spill. Take a look at these five tips for carpet steam cleaning.

  1. Clean Stains Right Away

If you have a spill on your carpet, it is important to clean it right away. If it is a solid substance, you should scrape it and clean it right away. If it is liquid, blot it as much as possible and then clean the stain. Make sure that you use the right products to lift the stains as soon as they occur. If you leave them for later, it gives the stain time to seep into the carpet fibres, which makes it much more difficult to remove. First, you can blot the stain to lift as much as possible. There are different products that you can use depending on the type of stain.

  1. Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly

You should maintain and take care of your carpets by vacuuming them regularly. This helps to remove dirt and dust before it gets deep into the fibres. It also gives you a clean floor to walk on. Vacuuming a minimum of once a week will help to keep your carpets in good shape until you need to have them cleaned. It will also reduce the allergens in the home.

  1. Make Sure Your Vacuum Is Set at the Right Height

The standard setting for most vacuums is a middle height, which works for both carpets and wood flooring. If you set it too low, it can pull up the carpet fibres, which damages the carpet and your vacuum. If you set it too high, it won’t lift the dirt from down between the fibres. The way to find the ideal height is to raise it all the way to its highest setting, and then slowly lower it until you can feel the vacuum pulling forward. You should always vacuum from the interior of the carpet to the exterior so that you don’t track over parts that are complete.

  1. Use a Professional Service

There are different products out there that you can purchase to spot clean your carpets yourself, but they don’t compare to what a professional steam cleaning company can do if you are trying to decide which way to go, always choose the professional service. They will have more powerful machines that will remove all of the dirt from your carpets, and they will leave your carpets clean and dry. When you do it yourself, it can leave soap residue or moisture behind.

  1. Be Cautious with Shampoo

When you clean your carpets, you need to be cautious with the carpet shampoo. If you leave residue behind, it can actually make your carpet more prone to picking up dirt. Make sure that you vacuum well, and use only a little shampoo.

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