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CLEANING DEALS CANBERRA   (deals expires on May 31 2022)

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. That’s why we’re happy to go that extra mile to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with what we do – including serving up some great deals on carpet steam cleaner packages, and more.

Package your services and save with our Super Carpet Steam Cleaner Deals


  • Spot removal of stains
  • Pre-spray with specially formulated, natural shampoo
  • Hot water extraction (a.k.a steam cleaning)
  • Fast drying – we’ll remove any excess moisture
  • Deodorising to neutralise odours and freshen up your carpets.
  1. Get 10% off when you book a carpet steam clean online.


  1. Add another 10% off when you combine a carpet steam clean with:
  • End of Lease Cleaning
  • School cleaning
  • Office cleaning


  1. Get a free hallway clean when you book one of the following carpet cleaning services:
  • Staircases $15 (up to 15 steps)
  • Lounge room (up to 14m2) $30
  • Dining room (up to 14m2) $30
  • 1 bedroom only (no dining/living area) $90
  • 1 bedroom with living and dining area $109
  • 2 bedrooms only (no dining/living area) $99
  • 2 bedrooms with dining/living area $120 (Living rooms bigger than bedrooms can be charge extra)
  • 3 rooms only $109
  • 3 rooms with living/dining rooms $130 (up to 5 rooms)
  • 4 rooms $120 (add one living and one dining room for only $20).
  • 5 rooms $130 (add one living and one dining room for only $20).


  • Minimum charge is $90 per room measuring 14m2 max. Your living and dining areas count as separate rooms.
  • Some stains are impossible to remove – our guarantee does not apply in these cases. Our clean team will let you know ahead of the clean if this is the case.
  • Our carpet steam cleaning typically takes between 2 – 6 hours to complete, depending on carpet size, soiling and room temperature.
  • Please move any heavy, bulky or electrical items prior to your service, otherwise we’ll clean around them.
  • Carpet usually takes around 2 – 4 hours to dry completely after steam cleaning. However, you can walk on it straight away using the disposal shoes we provide.
  • Pre-vacuum cleaning is NOT included.
  • Please visit our professional carpet steam cleaning page for more details about our service.

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