“Hats off to these guys. They are true cleaning professionals. Well, i hired them for windows cleaning of my office and those windows were really dirty and i was thinking that maybe i have to change window glasses which was a very costly move so i decided to hire a cleaning company (Get Clean ACT). Guys came and start working and after few hours when i saw my office windows again, Boom they were sparkling clean as like new. Very impressive. 100% Recommended.”

Brett Lee


“Get Clean ACT Team (Alan and Maria) are reliable and come when scheduled. Their results are excellent. We have dogs and cats and they managed to leave our carpets in a first rate state. we’ve used them twice this year. The first time was a trial pilot of our hallways to get a feel of their quality and pricing. That pleased us and we asked them to do our lounge and bedrooms a fortnight later.

We were very happy with result and recommend them highly.”



“How professional, and what amazing service I received from Get Clean ACT when they came and cleaned my carpets. It is the best cleaning of my carpets I have had since I have lived in Canberra for 34 years. I would highly recommend Get Clean ACT and the amazing service they give… they were brilliant.“

Kay-: Chisholm ACT