High Pressure Cleaning Canberra

Is your driveway, concrete or car park, an embarrassment?

Winter always plays havoc with driveways – and nothing looks worse when visitors come over does it?

Look at this!

It’s a driveway we were asked to look at by Jay Smith out near Holt in Canberra.

As you can see – there was ingrained algae and dirt – even some engine oil – and it looked a complete mess.

Our team went in and completely transformed the drive in a couple of hours. Here’s what it looked like afterwards …

“I swear it didn’t look that good even when it was new …” was Henr’s reaction when he saw it.

“Alan and his team really know what they are doing. I was worried about the joints being wrecked – but it’s all perfect. I’d recommend Get Clean ACT to anyone – in fact I have …”

This is just one example of how our unique pressure cleaning power washing system can bring your driveway, patio, pool surround, walls and brickwork back to life.

Our friendly and helpful team of high pressure cleaning specialists – based in Canberra and ACT – will take a look at your job and talk it through with you openly.

Older jointing and softer materials need more care when they’re subjected to high pressure water so we recommend the best plan for your job – and give you a competitive quote – along with an estimate of how long the job will take – so that you know exactly what to expect.

With Get Clean ACT there are no nasty surprises lurking … just a sparkling clean job…

… And it’s not just driveways …

Rachael Conroy was embarrassed to ask her friends over for lunch because of the state of her patio.

“Alan, of Get Clean ACT came over and gave us a very good quote. He was totally professional and what impressed me most was how they cleaned up afterwards. There was no mess anywhere. I got lots of compliments from the neighbours too.”

Again – you can see from the photograph that the patio was scruffy and dirty before we pressure cleaned and power washed it.

Here is what it looked like afterwards …
Quite a difference!

If you would like an idea of what it would cost to sort your outdoor spaces too – give Alan and his team a call at ………….. or click here

What we do …

We look after your domestic and commercial properties – buildings, walls, and flat areas – so whether it is a small patio that needs cleaning – or an industrial site – or you are a landlord or estate agency that needs to look after multiple properties – we can help …


  • Deep clean concrete
  • Car park cleaning
  • Clean driveways
  • Clean paving
  • Clean brickwork
  • Clean house exteriors
  • Remove graffiti

High pressure clean almost anything you need …

Over time outside structures start to look scruffy and untidy.

Mould grows, dirt gets engrained, the local graffiti artists decide to decorate your walls and buildings, seals and grouting start to peel and crumble.

Ignoring it just leaves the problem there …

Some surfaces are really slippery when they are wet and covered in algae – so they need to be cleaned regularly to prevent accidents. If you’ve ever slipped or fallen over because of this you’ll know how important it is to keep your patios, paths and driveways clean.

If you run a business and your walls are covered in graffiti – it can be really off putting to customers – and might even stop them coming to you.

Your house itself – especially the side away from the sun – can start to look faded and untidy. Again – mould and algae can stain and damage walls and plaster, brickwork and pointing. If you let this go – it can stain permanently …

Why you need us!

Every surface is different.

Some materials like tiles and plastics are easier to clean than more porous surfaces like brickwork and stone – and some – like concrete can be almost impossible to deep clean without the right equipment and knowledge.

High pressure cleaning is not a job for amateurs.

Used wrongly – the underlying material can be damaged, lifted, or blown – which then brings its own set of problems.

Low pressure cleaning is sometimes the better option – we can advise on the best technique for your problem cleaning job.

This is where our expertise – over ten years of cleaning every surface you can think of – comes in.

We will look at your job and assess what can be done – and give you a competitive quote – which we know you’ll be delighted with.

Even if you don’t end up using us – you will know what needs doing when you do want to sort it out – and where to come …

We look after:

Amongst our hundreds of clients are:

  • Homeowners
  • Landlords
  • Estate agents
  • Canberra and ACT businesses of every type
  • Builders
  • Industrial premises
  • Government agencies

In short – we can clean anything you throw at us!

  • Deep cleaning concrete
  • Car park pressure washing
  • Paving pressure wash
  • High pressure clean of driveways
  • Mould removal
  • Stain bleaching and cleaning
  • Timber cleaning
  • Pergolas and conservatories spruced up
  • Exterior house washing
  • Fascias and eaves refreshed
  • Tiles and grouting cleaned
  • Graffiti removed
  • Stripping and sealing work

Deep cleaning concrete

Concrete can be a nightmare. Without penetrating the surface it can be hopeless trying to wash or scrub it clean. If you have ever tried – you will know how much work is involved …

We clean concrete walls, concrete paths, concrete driveways, and other structures using high pressure cleaning techniques to ensure that all traces of algae, dirt, oil and other contaminants are floated out.

Your building site, office, factory, shopping centre, car park, or other commercial of industrial premises are a speciality.

Why is concrete so difficult?

Concrete is a very hard material – but is also porous. Because of the density of the structure, free-floating water does not penetrate the surface. Only water under extreme pressure will be able to do that – even then only to a very shallow depth. The situation is further complicated by the different grades and types of concrete.

Use too high a pressure on the wrong surface and the concrete will break up. Slabs tend to be more resilient – other concrete – walls, or countertops need a different approach to flush out the dirt and grime.

Much depends on how the concrete was mixed and laid in the first place. Our specialist advisers will explain the best combination of alkaline degreasing methods, soaps and detergents to make sure all of the oil, grease and dirt is tackled properly.

If you want to preserve the appearance of your concrete – without ruining it by cleaning it in the wrong way – call Get Clean ACT today – we will give you a free, no obligation quotation to get your concrete sparkling again …

Car park high pressure washing

Car parks are particularly difficult from a cleaning point of view – dripping oil, grease, and rubber particles from tyres wreak havoc on untreated surfaces.

The added problem of the wrong type of high pressure cleaning lifting the space markings which are painted on the surface is ever present.

Car parks are a large area to cover with conventional high-pressure machines.

We understand that closing large areas of your car park whilst the work is being done is not ideal – so we make sure that our team work quickly and effectively to get you back into action as soon as possible.

Any chemicals we use are rinsed and flushed leaving no trace of any contaminants on the surface of your car park flooring or walls.

Get Clean ACT have been cleaning car parks for over 10-years – and our specialist experts will make sure that the right equipment, materials, and timing cause you the least inconvenience while getting the job done.

Call Get Clean ACT today – we will give you a free, no obligation quotation to get your car park as clean as your customers cars again …

Paving high pressure washing

Paving is something that we all take for granted – most of us just walk on it without giving it a second thought – until we trip on a loose slab, crack, or gravel.

But there is another hidden danger. When paving gets wet, if it has dirt or algae on it, the surface becomes slippery to walk on. This is not only dangerous – but could leave you open to legal action and being sued.

This is an important consideration for landlords, estate agencies and any commercial premises which have areas of paving, exposed to the weather, which are used by the public – especially in winter.

The problem applies to all types of paving surfaces. Brick, concrete, even asphalt or tarmac, are all vulnerable – especially if they are in areas shaded from the sun for most of the year.

The only effective way of dealing with this is to thoroughly clean the surface of the pathway.

For most materials high pressure cleaning is the method that would be used. For asphalt or tarmac pathways, a more gentle approach is needed, because asphalt tends to break up and crack when subjected to extreme jets of water.

It depends on how the surface was laid – and the only way to tell if it is cleanable is to call our specialists at Get Clean ACT – you can be sure that they will talk you through the options – and give you a guaranteed quote for getting your pathway safe again …

High pressure clean of driveways

Walk or drive past any house in the neighbourhood – and one of the first things you notice is how tidy – or untidy – a house looks.

One of the biggest let-downs is a scruffy, dirty driveway.

It can make such a huge difference to the appearance of your property – especially in the summer months when you have visitors over – or if you are trying to sell or rent your property.

Get Clean ACT have acquired quite a reputation for sorting out driveways – and getting them pristine again. It doesn’t matter if you have a concrete driveway, paving slab driveway, brick driveway, asphalt or tarmac’d driveway, you can be sure that we have a way of cleaning it for you.

Firstly, we come out and assess the drive. The structure, the edges and the way it is laid are all major points we cover with this. The last thing you need is the joints or the edges being destroyed by using the wrong techniques and equipment.

Once you agree to our quote, we will send our team to get your driveway sorted. Our team work methodically and thoroughly to a set of guidelines that ensure that health and safety rules are followed while the job is done – and there will be no danger to neighbours and passers-by.

They will tidy up after the job – and your driveway will look like new again.
If you need your driveway looked at – with no obligation – call us at Get Clean ACT today …

Mould removal

Mould is a major problem with all kinds of structures. The spores can take hold on any material from plastics and wood, through brick and even concrete.

Taking off the mould with domestic cleaning products rarely works in the long term because the mould, lichen and algae have hydhae, interwoven filaments that work their way into the materials and just re-grow again. Other moulds, like mildew are single cell growths – that are easier to clean – but often stain.

Wooden buildings, fences and pergolas are particularly badly affected with mould if they face away from the sun – or are heavily shaded by trees or shadow.

Our tried and tested cleaning agents are selected for the exact type of mould we find. This way the chances of it regrowing are minimised – and any staining or discolouration is neutralised.

We will examine the mould – and the structure it is growing on/in – talk you through our ideas for getting rid of it – and give you a competitive quote for the job.

To find out more about sorting out your mould problems – call Get Clean ACT today …

Stain bleaching and cleaning

Nothing is more unsightly than a stain on an otherwise pristine background. Whether it is a water stain from a past leak, from mould that has grown and been wiped off, or flood damage leaving a tide mark around your property.

Our specialists will come out to look at your problem and assess how best to remove the stain, and bleach or mask it.

We need to establish what caused the stain and what materials are involved – we can then tailor an exact solution for you.

Our stain expert will come to your home, business or premises and examine the area affected. They will then give you a detailed and competitive quotation for getting everything pristine again.

Depending on the type of stain, we use a variety of chemicals, preparations and techniques to ensure we get the best possible results for you.

If the quote is agreed – our team will arrive and – before you know it – your stain will be gone.

Get Clean ACT round now – and banish staining on your building, walls or other surfaces for good …

To make an appointment – call us on 0412 615 211 or email us at info@getcleanact.com.au .

Timber cleaning

Timber can suffer all sorts of weather damage. It can stain, paint and varnish can peel, mould can form – and if left untreated the wood can start to rot – and even crumble. If the wood is a structural part of a building you could be at risk of it falling or collapsing.

Timber is a delicate and awkward substance to clean. It is made of fibres which – in softwoods, are easy to damage – and in hardwoods, difficult to penetrate.

Using a high pressure cleaner on a softwood surface will break the fibres causing them to stick out like fur. The smoothly sanded surface that was there before the cleaning is now an unsightly mess – and will take extra work to return it to its original condition.

Equally, with hardwoods, the wrong application of water will stain or damage the patina of the wood – again making more work.

Our wood specialists have dealt with hundreds of wood cleaning jobs – and know how to treat wood for the best possible results.

Call us today to have someone round to look at how we can help you to get your wood back to its former glory.

To make an appointment – call us on 0412 615 211 or email us at info@getcleanact.com.au .

Pergolas and conservatories spruced up

Pergolas and conservatories come in all shapes and sizes – they are also made in a range of materials – wood is the most common one, but uPVC and aluminium – together with brickwork and concrete are also used.

These materials have different rates of wear and tear – some retaining their pristine appearance for years whilst others need attention after just a couple of seasons. Often the construction is of a mix of materials.

At Get Clean ACT, we have cleaned a wide variety of such buildings and know that some are tricky and difficult to get right.

The correct treatment for each material is different. Using the same pressure on a power washer for wood and brickwork – would be disastrous.

Your pergola or conservatory is one part of the house your visitors, neighbours and work colleagues are bound to visit. What better area to show off a pristine and impressive building than here?

Our experts can advise – and quote for – the cleaning all of your exterior and interior frames and structure. They will discuss with you, the kind of results you can expect – and how long it will take – so you can get back to entertaining and enjoying yourself with your family and friends …

To make an appointment for one of our specialists to visit – call us on 0412 615 211 or email us at info@getcleanact.com.au .

Exterior house washing

If you have ever looked at a derelict property – or one that has just been left abandoned for a while – you will know that one of the first things to happen is mould, lichen and algae start growing on the outside walls – and sometimes the inside too.

Not only is this unsightly, but in extreme cases, it can cause structural damage.

Of course, if you are living or working in the building your concern is more likely to be the neighbours or your friends getting a bad impression of your home. Your home says a lot about you – so you don’t want to creating the wrong impression is never good.

Often, the cause of the mould is simply that the area affected is either in the shadow of the sun’s rays or is shaded by trees or taller buildings.

If the paint or varnish underneath is sound – then often the house can be washed clean, easily and relatively cheaply.

Depending on the materials used – power cleaning is a very quick and efficient way of bringing your home back to life. For softer and more delicate structures – around window frames, for example, a softer, more delicate wash setting is used.

Together with a range of approved chemicals and cleaners – our expert teams will remove the mould and treat any staining – making it highly unlikely that it will ever appear again.

We offer a competitive range of services for landlords, estate agencies and property management companies too – and would be delighted to quote for looking after your properties.

To discuss your requirements – call us on 0412 615 211 or email us at info@getcleanact.com.au .

Fascias and eaves refreshed

Fascias and eaves – along with the guttering – are probably the most ignored features of any house – but they are vital to preserve the integrity of the roof space – and because they are exposed to the worst of the wind, rain, and other adverse conditions – they tend to suffer the most when it comes to weathering.

If left untreated – the wood – which is the main material used – will start to rot and deteriorate.

Cleaning the algae, fungus, mould, and accumulated dirt will allow the wood to dry out properly and leave no medium which will retain moisture and damp.

The job is a relatively simple one if the fascias and eaves are in good condition. If they have been subjected to serious weathering – the paint is peeling – or rot has already started – the cleaning has to be done with extreme care in order to cause no further damage and to make sure that the paintwork remains sealed against the weather.

Even if your fascia and eaves are made of uPVC they will look unsightly if left to weather. Over time’ the variations in temperatures’ and any mould will cause the sealing to fail, allowing water to penetrate and cause damage to the structure of the building – especially the roof space and ceilings.

Without doubt, the best way to avoid all of this is to have the fascias and eaves regularly cleaned. Find out more by calling us on 0412 615 211 or email us at info@getcleanact.com.au .

Tiles and grouting cleaned

On the face of it – tiles would seem easy to clean – the problem is that in food preparation areas, for example – they can become covered in hard grease and this makes it difficult to clean without disturbing the grouting and filling.

In shower areas, buildups of limescale and mould mean that the ability to get the tiles back to a clean state depend on the use of some fairly powerful alkali degreasers and other detergents and cleaners.

If these are not used carefully and in proportion to the type of surface the tiles are mounted on – the agents can penetrate and start affecting the floor or wall which lies behind the tiles – and could lead to them lifting or falling off. You don’t need that if you are running a business.

Knowing the right pressures to use, as well as the right products for the problem, is what Get Clean ACT specialise in – and what we have built our reputation on.

So whether you run a busy cafe and need the floors or walls deep cleaned in the kitchen or dining areas – a dairy or food production facility which needs to be hygienic and spotless – or a sports facility or club that has a shower area that could do with a scrub – you’ve come to the right place.

To get one of our specialist cleaning advisors to give you an assessment and quotation – just call us on 0412 615 211 or email us at info@getcleanact.com.au .

Graffiti removal

Nothing is more unsightly than graffiti scrawled over your walls. Some areas are prone to this and it is a nightmare trying to clean the scrawl off of your buildings and facilities.

Most graffiti “artists” use spray paints. These can have a variety of effects on the material on which they are sprayed. Some simply coat the surface which makes them relatively easy to “float” the paint away with pressure cleaning. The secret here, of course, is to make sure that the underlying surface is not damaged in the process.

Walls and brickwork where the stone is porous present more difficult issues. Here, the chemicals used to dissolve and float away the paints and dyes have to be powerful enough to do that without damaging the stonework. The other thing to take into account is the staining and aftermath of the cleaning. Getting the area which has been “scrubbed” to match the coloration of the areas which had no graffiti Is something that only comes with experience.

Get Clean ACT have dealt with hundreds of graffiti incidents over the years – and we know how to restore your walls, fences, and buildings invisibly – so that you would never have known there had been any graffiti in the first place.

If you are fed up with customers being put off, and your premises looking a mess – call us today on us on 0412 615 211 or email us at info@getcleanact.com.au .and we will send one of our specialist graffiti advisers to assess what can be done, and give you a competitive quote to get your graffiti cleaned once and for all.

Stripping and sealing floors

We all take floors for granted – but they get wear In all kinds of ways apart from just being walked on.

It is inevitable with weathering – sun, wind, rain, ice, and snow – that outside structures, of all sorts, take a hammering. There comes a point where materials have to be stripped back and resealed in order to preserve the structure of a building or other facility.

Decking, and other outdoor structures such as balconies and plinths can all find themselves looking a mess because of weathering. mould, staining, and algae, are the main reasons.

At this point the only way of preserving the wood is to strip it back and reseal it.

This can be done in a number of ways, depending on the material. The most common method is to use a combination of sanding and hoovering – then re-varnishing or painting.

Stripping back just enough to regain the original appearance of the wood is the secret here.

Take too much off, and nails can be exposed and the wood can be damaged in the process. Take too little off and the discolouration or imperfections will show through the varnish or paint when it is applied.

Making sure that all the dust is removed before the application of the finish is also vital.

We can advise on the selection of hard-wearing, and for exteriors – weatherproof – traditional paints and varnishes, waxes and chalk paints, to finish off your floor and leave it looking like new.

To make an appointment for one of our specialist floor advisers to come and give you an assessment – and a competitive quote – please call us on 0412 615 211 or email us at info@getcleanact.com.au .today.

The cleaners at Get Clean ACT endeavor to keep our customers happy, this is the reason our customers are satisfied and happy with our house cleaning services. We provide house cleaning Canberra at an affordable cost. Our work is based on genuineness so that you come back to a cleaner and healthier home. You house will get cleaned with top-notch house cleaning items and professional cleaners.
After toiling hard in office when you come back to a clean and better smelling home, you will realize why it is best to hire us. We conduct regular inspections for quality control and audits of cleaners and supervisors. Our trained and certified professional house cleaners can handle any type of cleaning in commercial and residential premises including specialist tasks such as:

  • flood damage cleaning,
  • high rise window cleaning, and
  • post construction cleaning.

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