8 refreshing and mind-blowing cleaning tips to try @ home!

October 9, 2019 -

Cleaning is not that difficult especially after these handy tips. Some of these are quite surprising and we would be curious to know if you have tested any of these!

  1. Cleaning stainless steel without any marks

If you would like to see your oven shine again from outside, take some baby oil and rub it onto the oven. This will be very effective oven cleaning method and of course you may try this on other surfaces as well which are made of stainless steel.

  • Cleaning your mattress

A mattress with stains doesn’t look very refreshing, luckily there is a simple method for mattress cleaning. You can fill an empty spray bottle half with hydrogen peroxide, just add two teaspoons of baking soda and a few drops of liquid soap to make a mixture. You can spray on these stains and after a few minutes you will notice that the stains will fade away slowly.

  • Cleaning a yellow pillow

First of all, you can put it in the washing machine, yet you will notice that the pillow will leave some stains behind. That’s why we are providing you something better; Take a bowl, put one cup of washing liquid, three-quarter cup soda, half cup of vinegar and the detergent you use for washing clothes. Mix all these things with three cups of hot water.
Put this mixture together with your pillow in the washing machine and start a wash accordingly. Although, you will have to wait a few hours till your pillow gets dry but you will have a tight sleep afterwards guaranteed!

  • Clean the inside of a vase

Imagine you have a beautiful vase but its just a bit too narrow to take your hand in it for cleaning.
You can fill the vase with hot water, two spoons of vinegar, a drop of washing liquid and uncooked rice. Just mix all well by shaking the vase for a while, drain it out and let it dry. There you have a clean vase!

  • Making your white clothes shining again

No matter how much you try it will be always difficult to keep your white clothes really white.
Take a large tub, add hot water and five tablets of paracetamol in it. Just leave your white clothes for around eight hours in the tub and your clothes will be shining again. Afterwards if you prefer you can wash your clothes in the washing machine as well.
This tip also works for blood stains on clothes, but you will have to use cold water instead of warm for this.

  • Bad smell in the refrigerator

Just put a container with calcium remover in your refrigerator, this will neutralize the bad smell. Obviously, you can also try to search what is causing the bad smell and remove this from the fridge.

  • Spider webs

If you are facing issues with spider webs in your room, take a broom and fix a microfiber cloth on it. With this you can clean all the spider webs and dust hidden in the corners.

  • Water stains on furniture

It seems to be true; mayonnaise proves to be very effective to remove water stains on furniture. Just rub the stains with mayonnaise and clean it with a cloth afterwards. We couldn’t have the experience to try it for our self so we are very curious to know if it really helps or not.

  • BONUS TIP – Sanitize your phone or device

You might not like to think about it, but you phone might be the most grimy and germ ridden place in the house. All those hours handling it, leaving it on the car seat, kitche bench, work desk… theres bound to be some germs built up. Refresh your device with an alcohol wipe to make it that much cleaner.

We hope we have brought you some useful cleaning methods and that you will try out these tips at your home.

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