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You spend a third of your life in bed.

Keep your mattress clean for a healthier night’s sleep.

A healthy sleeping environment starts with your mattress.

Over its lifetime, your mattress can get drenched in dust mites, germs and dirt and bacteria. Save your health and your hip pocket with our comprehensive mattress cleaning service.

Six steps to a more hygienic mattress cleaning, Canberra.

  1. We use Kirby vacuum cleaning technology to deep clean your mattress surface. This removes 99.99% of germs and their waste products.
  2. We’ll then pressure steam clean to remove all dust mites from deep within the mattress and sanitise everything.
  3. Your mattress gets vacuumed again to take care of all the dust, dirt and germs driven to the surface by step 2.
  4. The surrounding bedroom carpet and floors are cleaned and vacuumed to eradicate any nasties that might be lurking nearby, just waiting for their chance to jump back on your mattress.
  5. We’ll spray on a dust mite inhibitor to prevent re-infection and make sure everything smells fresh and clean.
  6. We seal all contaminated waste and remove it safely from your home

The super deluxe mattress cleaning Canberra people are talking about.

If your mattress is super infested, it will probably need some super special cleaning. Our deluxe mattress treatment is an optional extra above and beyond our standard mattress cleaning regimen.

We’ll let you know if we recommend this extra treatment once we inspect your mattress.

For a cleaner mattress , speak to our professional cleaners on 0412 615 211 today.

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