Why Deep Carpet Cleans Are So Important

April 14, 2021 -

If you vacuum your carpets regularly and clean up spills and messes as soon as they happen, your carpets are fine, right? Actually, no. Even with diligent upkeep, carpets need at least occasional deep cleaning.

Experts recommend this kind of carpet steam cleaning every 12 to 18 months, or even more frequently for carpets that experience very heavy traffic.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why regular carpet cleaning is so important and why you should consider hiring professional carpet cleaners, whether for your home or office.

Protect Your Health

Perhaps the biggest reason for regular deep carpet cleaning is the health of everyone who inhabits the space, whether for living or working. Regular vacuuming will remove hair, dirt, dust, and other debris. But even with these elements gone, mould, bacteria, and fungi can still grow within the carpet fibres. Not to meantion the creepy crawlies living in your carpet!

Not only is that fairly disgusting to think about, it can also pose a serious risk to your health. While some exposure to bacteria is okay, repeated exposure can cause illness, which may affect employee attendance or threaten your family’s well-being.

Mould and fungi can be more threatening. Constant exposure can cause breathing problems, especially in people predisposed to these issues. What’s more, mould and fungi can both cause long-term issues; some types of both have even been linked to cancer.

Professional carpet cleaners can use steam cleaning and other carpet cleaning methods to rid your space of these unwanted guests. An added bonus is peace of mind.

Save Money in the End

While it costs money up front, steam cleaning carpets will save you money in the end by prolonging the life of your carpet. The longer you can go before replacing the carpets in your home or workplace, the better.

Carpet cleaning isn’t just about health and money, either. You want your carpet to look clean and new, too. Professional carpet cleaners can breathe new life into older carpets for a fraction of the cost of replacing them. You will immediately see the renewed vibrancy of the carpet after it is professionally cleaned.

As a side note, spanning out time between carpet replacements isn’t just about money. It is also good for the planet. There aren’t many uses for old, disposed-of carpets, and they take a long time to decompose. Protect your wallet and the earth!

Create a More Pleasant Environment

No one likes to live or work in a dingy, dirty space. At home, you can brighten your carpeted rooms and feel more secure about cleanliness with a deep clean or steam cleaning.

At work, your employees and co-workers will appreciate the attentiveness to their environment, and customers and clients will notice the more professional look of a clean space.

Whether your chief concern is creating a feeling of care and compassion in your workplace, or what your babies are crawling around on, professional carpet cleaners can provide the solution. Boost mood, protect health, and save money and the earth—what could be better than that?

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