The Best Canberra Cleaning Companies Offer a Range of Services

December 29, 2021 - ,

When you hire professional cleaners, you expect them to offer all of the services you need. You should be able to go to one Canberra cleaning company and get everything you need. Whether you need your home cleaned, your office, or more, you should consider companies that can do it all. Take a look at some of the services they should offer.

Construction Cleaning

After a build, it is important to do a thorough cleaning. The tradies will tidy up, but there is often dust and other debris remaining. You can call for professional cleaning once the builders are finished so that the new build is ready to be shown, sold, or for someone to move in. They will clean the windows, remove any cement or paint from glass, clean the floors and walls, and all exposed surfaces. They can even do stainless steel polishing, restrooms, lifts, and more.

Office Cleaning

When you hire professionals for office cleaning, you are protecting your staff and your customers. These services will make sure that your workplace is hygienic and free of germs. When your customers come to your place of business, their first impression will last. Having a clean office that is free of clutter will leave a positive image in their minds. They will come in and clean away dust, wipe down surfaces, vacuum, mop, and make sure that your work space is clutter- and germ-free.

Oven Cleaning

Cleaning the oven is one of people’s least favourite chores, but you can call the professionals to come in and make your oven spotless. They will use eco-friendly cleaning products to make sure that your oven is safe to use, and they will remove any food debris, grime, grease, or dirt. They will clean the racks, glass, and grills, as well as any buttons, dials, hoods, and knobs. If you need a little extra, you can have them do an oven detailing for an extra fee.

Hard and Timber Floor Cleaning

Over time, timber floors take a beating, but you can restore them back to their original shine. You can hire professional cleaners to seal and refinish your floors so that they shine, and it only takes a day.

End of Lease Cleaning

End of lease cleaning is critical if you want your bond back when you move out of a rental. They will make sure that everything looks as good as it did when you moved into the place. If a tenant moves out and leaves the rental a mess, they can perform this service for landlords or realtors as well.

Window Cleaning

Whether you have a home, an office, a school, or an industrial site, you can hire professional cleaners to clean the windows. They are insured, and they have high access tickets for tall buildings. They can clean window frames, sills, and flyscreens along with the glass, and they use drop sheets to protect your floors.

Upholstery and Curtain Cleaning

Another service they offer is upholstery and curtain cleaning. They will make sure that your furniture and upholstery looks great. They can do an anti-dust mite treatment if you need it.

Other Cleaning Services

In addition to the services listed above, cleaners can do any of the following:

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